Spiritual Guidance

Responsible of the pastorale

Sainte Croix des Neiges school provides a real spiritual dimension for the children. As French society evolves, as elsewhere in the world, the Pastorale offers a human and Christian education. It also responds to the need to nurture reflection on the major metaphysical issues, the concept of sense and the search for Truth.

The four cornerstones of the Pastorale

Spiritual guidance at the school can be defined by four main guidelines:

1. To make the school a place of learning, guided by the evangelical spirit.

All pupils are welcome, whatever their religion or conviction, to have their questioning, their doubts and their joys heard, in group discussions or individual meetings.

2. To offer everyone the chance to discover Christ

The Catholic establishment’s “Inclusiveness to all” must be reflected in the school’s ability to reflect the Good News of the Gospel in harmony in how we live..
The Catholic school is a place where an “initial proclamation” of the Gospel must address everyone, respecting the convictions of everyone and not prejudging the response.
This initial proclamation requires the presence of young people and adults who live according to the Gospel and agree to testify to their faith.

3. To give those who so wish, the means to grow in Faith

For pupils who so wish, weekly meetings will be available, based on their level, to help them deepen their faith. In addition to the celebrations at the start and end of the school year, we offer other celebrations in the school chapel. All pupils are invited and free to take part. The chapel is open to everyone.

4. Include the Catholic establishment and its activities in the life of the local Church

The school is not a separate entity from the local Church. It is part of the parish and diocesan Christian community.
Pupils are invited to attend the Eucharist in the parish and other celebrations.
Meeting with other young people of the diocese is encouraged, as are pilgrimages such as Lourdes, for pupils in the première and terminale to serve as stretcher-bearers.