Boarding school

Sainte Croix des Neiges offers weekly and full-time boarding (weekends included) allowing the school to welcome youngsters from around the world to come and pursue their studies in France, develop their cultures and be enriched by the differences each individual brings.

The boarding facilities comprise three chalets: one for the collège boys, one for the lycée boys, and one for girls. A supervisor is responsible for running each chalet in an environment of trust and dialogue, where rules are observed and people are respected. Life as a boarder focuses around studies and sports, cultural, entertainment and spiritual activities, so that each pupil can find their own balance. The boarding school is a truly unique environment where the camaraderie and fellowship experienced by pupils form relationships that continue for many years afterwards. Leisure activities are organised and monitored by the educators.

“I felt that I fitted in very quickly at the boarding school, thanks to the teachers’ accessibility to pupils and the close-knit community of the pupils themselves, who offered support when one of us had a problem or felt homesick…” 

Frédéric Flipo, former French-Australian pupil

In winter, free time is naturally taken up by skiing, snowboarding and other winter sports.
Sports and cultural activities are available throughout the year: tennis, ping-pong, swimming, climbing, hiking, mountain biking, music, dance, cinema, theatre, cultural visits, art workshops, video and photographic workshops, etc.
Boarders have access to a phone line to call their families or can contact them by Skype. The use of mobile phones is tolerated subject to certain conditions.

We are particularly attentive to the children’s health. Managed by a nurse at the school, this service is in direct contact with the Abondance doctor to address all needs. A psychologist will also step in at the request of parents, the nurse or the Headmaster.