Message from the headmaster

Xavier Salaün

I am tremendously proud to present our fantastic institution.

Sainte-Croix des Neiges is a  Catholic school founded in 1948 by Abbé de Clarens, whose goal was to bring a healthier life to Sainte-Croix de Neuilly’s pupils, in the early postwar period.

The school’s motto « Trust and Charity » is a strength that has lived on from a generation to another.

Being now part of the Annecy diocese, our school has remained faithful to its founder’s will, firmly focused on the welcome and support in all their dimensions.

Teaching and educating are the highest priorities of our institution, the excellence demanded for the most gifted pupils meets the performing learning support for the most deserving ones. All aim at the same goal : academic achievement and self-accomplishment, in order to fulfil their future university and professional project.

The pastoral care is omnipresent within our school, both through weekly interventions of our  pastoral assistant and in the daily benevolence shown to the youngs, but also through the many charity actions. Child care projects are particularly fostered.

Our school’s greatest asset remains in the educational support we provide to our students : unlike many other institutions which set up mere study periods, Sainte-Croix des Neiges ‘  teachers are involved in a true tutoring process : every evening, our pupils benefit from tutoring classes. Pupils attend these classes either after a recommandation made by the Education Committee, in case of academic difficulties, or at their own request when they need a specific support.

Boarding, especially permanent boarding, is a melting-pot of conviviality, friendship and collective projects. For more than seventy years, our school has developed  expertise in teenage education, and has often created  extraordinary long-lasting close friendship ties among pupils.

Our school is a genuine architecural gem. Located in the green bower of Abondance Valley,  in the heart of the mountains and above the towns of Evian-les-Bains and Thonon-les-Bains, it is conducive to wonder and contemplation.

« Mens Sana In Corpore Sano » : for our youngs, action is often a key for self-accomplishment. The combination of both mountain and water (river and lake) weekly activities enable our students to strengthen themselves, being in contact with one of the world’s most beautfiful natural environment.

Indeed the pupils are proposed each week some 10 different activities : skiing, climbing, speleology, rafting, canyoning, sailing, freestyle, team sports, theatre, dance.

I urge you to come and visit our little paradise, well-nested in the heart of the magnificient mountains of Abondance. You will find a unique place, steeped in history and make pleasant encounters, a place where teaching and educating are synonymous with personal development. After visiting our place, you will certainly not remain the same.

With best regards

Xavier Salaün

Coordinator Head Master