Sainte Croix des Neiges Rules and Regulations

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Sainte Croix des Neiges is a Government-funded private catholic school. To ensure that our pupils live and study in the best conditions for their development at Sainte Croix des Neiges, they must be aware of and accept the rules governing the community of which they form a part. They must recognise that their parents, who have entrusted them to our teaching staff, share our educational objectives and accept our community rules. They must be aware that their parents and their educators are in full agreement.

Being a student at Sainte Croix des Neiges implies their acceptance and observance of the community rules.

Providing boarding facilities is a service rendered to families and their children but is not an obligation. In the event of a pupil’s incompatible behaviour, whether new to our school or not, under our educational initiative, the school reserves the right to demand that a family remove their son or daughter from Sainte Croix des Neiges.

Our school is scrupulous in its application of the articles of the relevant Penal Code and texts of the Ministry of National Education relating to:

  • damage of the premises and personal and community property (Art. 322.1, 322.2 & 322.3)
  • graffiti and tagging (Art. 322.1)
  • theft or attempted theft (Art. 311.3)
  • threatening behaviour (Art. 322.12)
  • verbal violence (Art. 433.5, Art. 33, R624.4)
  • the carrying or transport of dangerous objects (Decree of 18 April 1939)
  • physical violence (Art. 222.13)
  • racketeering (Art. 312.1 & 312.2)
  • the consumption and trafficking of drugs (Art. L.628 & Art. 222.39)
  • the consumption of tobacco (Decree No. 92-478 of 29 May 1992, Order of 22 January 2007)

These rules shall apply from the time a pupil arrives at Abondance until their departure.




Upon arriving at Sainte Croix des Neiges, all students must report to a staff member.

Pupils have a duty to attend classes. They shall attend all classes and comply with the definitive timetable they are given on the day of their arrival.

They shall arrive on time and actively participate without reserve in the activities organised by the teachers and educators inside and outside the establishment.

They shall show good faith and invest themselves to make their incorporation successful.


  • Morning: 8.00-12.05
  • Afternoon: 13.20-16.30
  • Evening study: 16.50-18.50 (+ 20.30-21.30 for the Lycée)

Four classes in the morning, with a 15 minute break.

Three one-hour classes in the afternoon from 13.20 to 16.30, except Wednesday afternoon.


Access to the school is only authorised to pupils and staff members of the school. All other individuals must report to a staff member. Access is prohibited without prior authorisation.

Boys are forbidden from entering the girls’ boarding house. Girls are forbidden from entering the boys’ boarding house.

Likewise, access to the Collège is only authorised to collège students and access to the Lycée is only authorised to lycée students.


Pupils shall neither loiter in the corridors nor be in the classrooms outside lesson times. They must adopt a proper, prudent and disciplined attitude. They shall move independently from one building to another. Pupils that take advantage of this time to evade surveillance will be sanctioned.


Pupils shall make every effort to keep the living and working conditions agreeable; with this in mind, they shall abstain from any action that is likely to damage the equipment and facilities.

All equipment belonging to the school (furniture, apparatus) are to be fully protected by its users. The need to preserve the condition of this equipment must incite self-discipline in each pupil. Destroying a facility harms others and deprives oneself.

It is also a destruction of capital whose reconstruction is be incumbent on the group, in this case the parents. The families shall be financially responsible for any intentional damage caused by their children.


Sainte Croix des Neiges is first and foremost a school, a place of study which requires those who frequent it to observe a certain duty in terms of their presentation. Hairstyles must observe a rule of sobriety (no colour-treated hair, heads that are entirely or partially shaved, afro-style haircuts, for example, etc.), and piercing is only allowed in the form of earrings that are discreet and for girls only. Ear spreaders and any appearance that lacks sobriety and discretion shall not be permitted.

During school time, and depending on the weather, all pupils must wear a SCN blazer and jacket, a white shirt, with our without a sweater, and a SCN tie. Only dark blue or black pressed trousers or jeans are authorised with this uniform. Shoes must be dark or black in colour, preferably dress shoes.

During sport (physical education and pedagogical activities), pupils must wear the appropriate clothing for this purpose (SCN black shorts or tracksuit trousers, SCN T-shirt, SCN sweatshirt) and for snow activities, the SCN ski jacket. On Wednesday afternoons and weekends, for any outings to the village, boarders must wear the Sainte Croix des Neiges school uniform (blazer uniform).

All pupils must purchase the school blazer, tie, sweater, sports kit and jacket from the SCN administration office. All clothing must also be marked with the pupil’s name and they will be responsible for their uniform. Clothing must be clean.

Any pupil that does not have the full uniform will be given the missing items by the administration office and the family will be billed directly.

As a more general rule, and particularly for boarders, clothing must be appropriate and clean, in the spirit of the Sainte Croix des Neiges initiative.

Everyone is welcome to express themselves in words, expressions, their clothes and gestures as long as they respect others. Boys and girls must abide by this principle.

Gestures that express an emotional relationship between pupils are not permitted.

All belongings must be marked with the pupil’s name, including shoes.

All personal effects must be collected by the families when the pupils leave the school permanently. The school will not retain these effects.


Pupils shall be responsible for the cleanliness and orderliness of all common areas available to them: bedrooms, common rooms, corridors, outdoor areas around the chalets, etc.

Time will be set aside each week for housekeeping tasks and tidying of bedrooms in the boarding house.

Lycée students who are authorised to smoke are responsible for cleaning the outdoor smoking areas.




Class attendance is a legal obligation and pupils of legal age at Sainte Croix des Neiges must also observe this requirement. It institutes participating in school work, observing the teaching hours as well as programme content and assessment procedures.

Parents and pupils are required to comply with the dates of our holidays, in the interests of progress and respect for the teaching staff.

A pupil may under no circumstances refuse to study certain parts of a programme, nor excuse themselves from attending certain classes, except in cases of force majeure or exceptional authorisation.

For any absences, the family must inform the school before 9.00 on the morning of the school day. It must notify the school in writing within 24 hours of the reason for the absence (Art. 10 of the Law of 28 March 1982).

A doctor’s certificate authorising the pupil’s return to school will be required for contagious diseases.

Whatever the duration of the absence, the pupil may not enter the classroom without first informing the school supervisor. Other than absences due to illness, pupils must not, under any circumstances, leave the school without authorisation.

Foreseeable or planned absences must be requested beforehand in writing to the Headmaster.

When returning to school after the weekend, collège boarders must be back on Sunday after 19.30 and before 21.00, and before 20.00 for lycée boarders. Boarders may return on Monday morning but only after informing the boarding supervisor by Sunday at the latest and must be present for the start of classes, by 8.00.


Punctuality is a mark of respect towards one’s classmates and teachers.

Any tardiness must be justified in a written note from the pupil’s parents, the boarding supervisor or school supervisor. Arriving late on too many occasions will result in sanctions.


No pupil may leave the school during the day or night without authorisation.

Boarders may only go to the village during the times specified by their supervisor. If pupils are to leave the school outside these times, they must make a request to their school supervisor, during school hours, or to their boarding supervisor.

With respect to authorised outings to the village, pupils must be polite and respectful to shopkeepers and residents in keeping with the Sainte Croix des Neiges educational initiative, and obviously comply with French law, particularly with respect to the consumption of alcohol, drugs and tobacco.

Outings are authorised within a defined area. It is forbidden to leave this area without special authorisation.


Physical education classes are compulsory, unless there is an exceptional dispensation for health reasons (a doctor’s certificate stating incapacity must be provided).

If a pupil has a doctor’s dispensation, they must present the doctor’s certificate to the teacher who will pass it on to the school supervisor. In the event of partial incapacity, the activities that the pupil must participate in will be defined by the teacher. In the event of total incapacity, the pupil will be dispensed from participating in physical education activities and this will be permanent.

The sports attire provided by the school must be worn for all physical education classes and all sports activities. Likewise, pupils must purchase suitable footwear, including a pair of sports shoes for indoor use in the gymnasium.

When pupils move from one facility to another they must stay together. Under no circumstances can they use mobile phones or other electronic devices.

When sports matches are played against other schools, the pupils representing their school must have an impeccable attitude.

The equipment available for this purpose must be handled with due care. If damage is caused deliberately, the parents shall be financially responsible.


These are compulsory and form an integral part of the Sainte Croix des Neiges initiative. They take place on Tuesday afternoons for the Collège and Thursday afternoons for the Lycée.

The rules are the same for sports activities as they are for physical education and pupils are supervised by State-registered monitors. In the event of an accident during these activities, the school accepts no responsibility, this falling directly on the supervisors of the activity.

For cultural activities, artistic facilitators or teachers shall have an annual commitment to take charge of the pupils.


The head teacher is responsible for a pupil’s academic monitoring in conjunction with the school supervisor and boarding supervisor for boarders.

Parents can contact the head teacher by e-mail or telephone, as well as the school supervisor and any other teacher upon request.

An academic transcript is produced each mid-term, except the third term, as well as term reports. Parents can consult the transcripts and their child’s digital homework notebook via the Internet (usernames are sent out at the start of the year).

Two parents meetings with all of the teachers and the Headmaster are organised during the year. Two mock exams are arranged during the year for the baccalaureate and the brevet, as well as monitored homework sessions.


Guided study sessions are from 16.50 to 18.50. Students must make good use of these sessions, guided and/or monitored by teachers and educators to request personal assistance.


All pupils must have the school material requested by the teachers to carry out their classwork. Pens, pencil cases, pencils, erasers, etc…. as well as a schoolbag, books and exercise books.

All books and exercise books must have a protective covering and be looked after.

There is a stationers in the school where pupils can purchase school supplies using their pocket money. Lycée students must start the school year with all of their textbooks.


When enrolling a pupil, their medical file (vaccinations, dietary requirements, physical education dispensation, medical care and any accidents) must be completed and signed by their doctor and these must be forwarded before the student starts at the school.

Any pupil following treatment must provide the doctor’s prescription.

The pupil’s family may be asked to come and collect a pupil during the day if their state of health so requires. In the event of an emergency, the pupil may be sent to Thonon-les-Bains hospital.

For safety purposes, transport for medical visits will be by taxi only at the expense of the family. (Exceptional treatment, such as physiotherapy, dental, hospital, etc. are not covered by the provision).

It is strictly forbidden to have medicinal products in the bedrooms without authorisation.

Stocks of medicinal products useful for certain treatments must be left in the infirmary.


It is compulsory for boarders and day pupils who eat at school to be present at mealtimes.

Meals must be a time for relaxation and respect for others. Good behaviour and a smart dress code are therefore required. Pupils must arrive at the appointed mealtime and adopt a courteous and polite attitude with the staff.

During the meal, pupils shall take turns sharing serving duties. Only one pupil per table is authorised to get up to clear the table.

It is forbidden to take food or cutlery from the refectory.

Mobile phones, MP3 players, headphones and any other electronic devices are forbidden during mealtimes.

The school provides a snack to all pupils at 10.15 and 16.30.


All boarders, boarding facilities and activities are managed by the boarding supervisor and educators. Collège pupils get up at 6.30 and go to bed at 21.00 (lights out at 21.30) and at 22.30 for lycée students.

After breakfast, pupils arrange their belongings, make their beds and tidy up as required.

Before leaving their bedrooms, they must check that all lights and taps have been turned off and windows closed.

Access to the bedrooms is forbidden during class and study time. Pupils must plan what they will need for the day and use their schoolbags.

It is forbidden to have rugs or carpets for reasons of hygiene.

Items that burn (candles, oil lamps, etc.) and audio devices with loud speakers are forbidden.

During the holidays at Christmas, in February and April, bedrooms and dormitories must be completely emptied and tidied. Rooms will be available for storing suitcases if necessary.

Bedrooms are checked once a week by the boarding supervisor or, without warning, by the Headmaster. The bedrooms must be kept clean and tidy. If not, pupils may be sanctioned.

For reasons of safety and hygiene, parents shall authorise the Headmaster and boarding supervisors to access the contents of the bedrooms, including the pupil’s personal effects. The introduction of dangerous objects is strictly forbidden.

Pocket money

Each pupil has a pocket money account held by the boarding supervisor who hands out the weekly allowance each Wednesday. This account is used for personal expenses. Parents may or may not give instructions concerning this account, can consult the boarding house on the status of the account and, if necessary, top it up. The school does not advance money.


On weekends and Wednesday afternoons, pupils can go skiing at the Portes du Soleil resort.

They are accompanied to the slopes and an educator stays with them at the resort. They must observe the meeting times set by the educators and comply with the ski resort’s safety rules. Skiing off-piste is strictly forbidden.

In the event of an accident, any costs will be covered by the insurance included with the purchase of the ski pass or by the pupil’s personal insurance. Helmets must be worn for all skiing and snowboarding activities.

Parents must complete an authorisation allowing their children to access the slopes which fully discharges the school from any liability in the event of an accident or bad behaviour causing a risk to others.

Outings to the Village

Pupils are only authorised to go to the village in their uniforms and at certain times. Their behaviour must be impeccable. They must be polite and show respect to anyone they meet and must observe the time schedule. It is of course forbidden to purchase or consume alcohol during this time.

Weekend outings
  • for full-time boarders: Any pupil making an exceptional request to leave the school at the weekend shall inform their boarding supervisor on Wednesday afternoon. They must notify their parents who will request authorisation from the Headmaster by Thursday afternoon at the latest (by e-mail or fax), stating the means of transport used and the day and time they will return. Such outings are only permitted twice between the holiday periods. The school has the right to refuse a weekend outing.
  • for weekly boarders: Any pupil making an exceptional request to stay at the school at the weekend shall inform their boarding supervisor on Wednesday afternoon. They must notify their parents who will request authorisation from the Headmaster by Thursday afternoon at the latest (by e-mail or fax). This additional weekend will be payable in advance.
Leisure time

Pupils have different areas in their chalets to relax: fitness, TV, common room, computers and music, etc. They are allowed to bring a musical instrument.

The organisation of leisure activities shall consider the pupils’ wishes: sport, mountain trips, cultural activities and games, etc., insofar as possible.

Leisure time is an opportunity for pupils to express themselves in a different light and to find a balance between school life and relaxation. Outings from the school are therefore offered and organised (cinema, shows, shopping, swimming pool, etc.). Tickets are paid for by the boarding supervisor with the pupils’ pocket money.

With this in mind, certain activities are compulsory, such as the “weekend plus” outings for all boarders present at the weekend.


There are compulsory study times for boarders on Wednesdays and Sundays from 17.00 to 19.00. Additional study time is in place for lycée students from 20.30 to 21.30 each evening (except Saturday). These study times are held in classrooms.




The use of mobile phones is forbidden during lesson time, mealtimes and study time. For any exceptional need to use a mobile phone, authorisation must be requested from the school supervisor.

The school shall accept no responsibility for any loss, theft or damage of valuable objects brought to school by pupils.


Pupils shall undertake to use the school’s IT equipment or their own personal devices, using the school’s connection resources, on the following basis:

  • To be aware that access to the Internet within the school is a privilege not a right.
  • To use only the Internet connection provided by the school.
  • To never attempt to circumvent the restrictions on Internet access in any way whatsoever.
  • To use their computers during the times authorised in the school rules, mainly at bedtime for boarders.
  • To use headphones for audio files.
  • Only to use their computers in class with the approval of the teacher concerned.
  • To never manipulate data or access information belonging to other users, without their authorisation.
  • To never harm the integrity of another user or their character, particularly via provocative messages, texts or images.
  • To never interrupt, without prior authorisation, the normal operation of the network or one of the systems connected to the network.
  • To never modify or destroy information on one of the systems connected to the network.
  • To never access or try to access a reprehensible website (hacking, cracking, pornographic, revisionist, racist, etc.)
  • To never use reprehensible pirated software or download software.

As a general rule, it is forbidden to carry out any activity that would harm the proper functioning of the network (introducing a virus, damaging equipment, etc.). The possession, writing or use of a computer programme for such purposes is also forbidden. Incitement to commit such acts is, in itself, reprehensible and reprimandable. Pupils’ personal computers may be inspected at any time by a school supervisor or a professional authorised to do so by the Headmaster, and must make their equipment available for this purpose. Failure to comply with any of these rules will result in the confiscation of the pupil’s computer. Other harsher sanctions may be applied in accordance with the severity of the misconduct. The pupil will no longer be entitled to any authorisation for the current school year.



The school tolerates lycée students authorised to smoke by their parents but only during the times and in the places indicated outdoors.

Any violation of this rule will be sanctioned.


The use, introduction, incitement to consume, advertising (written or spoken), bearing of symbols or logos, and the possession of alcoholic drinks or drugs are strictly forbidden in the school.

Pupils and families are duly warned that this rule will be strictly enforced.

Any violation of this rule may result in reporting the matter to the public prosecutor and immediate suspension, pending a meeting of the Disciplinary Board, and punishment ranging from a temporary suspension to permanent expulsion.


At Sainte Croix des Neiges everyone has the right to be treated with respect and the duty to respect others.

Threats, bullying, abusive language or gestures, and acts that resemble initiation rites are categorically forbidden under French Law.

Failure to comply with the law will result in the Headmaster imposing the appropriate sanctions, which may include reporting the matter to the public prosecutor.

Furthermore, any behaviour that is likely to disrupt the working environment or public order will be sanctioned by a temporary suspension and even permanent expulsion depending on the severity of the act.


Sainte Croix des Neiges declines any responsibility for any theft or disappearance of any valuable objects, equipment or money kept by the pupils. You may ask your insurance company to include a clause covering possessions outside the home. It is advisable not to bring any valuable objects that are not essential. To limit the number of items lost or misplaced, every piece of clothing and object of any consequence must properly marked.

Any lockers and cupboards provided must be secured by a chain.



Any misconduct or failure to comply with any rule will be handled quickly and appropriately by clarifying the matter with the teacher, educators, school supervisors or boarding supervisors.

Priority is given to dialogue and trust.

However, for any repeat offence or serious misconduct, punishment or sanctions may be imposed.

School punishment

Considered as internal measures, they may be imposed by any school teacher or staff member to ensure that pupils are made aware of the discrepancy that sometimes exists between their behaviour and the demands of community life.

Possible punishments: community work, verbal or written apologies, extra homework with or without detention, confiscation of prohibited items, exclusion from leisure activities or outings, etc.

Disciplinary measures

These relate to harm against people and property and pupils’ serious failure to comply with the rules. They are imposed under the direction of the Headmaster. Possible sanctions: detention, written warning, temporary suspension with or without deferment, referral to the disciplinary board with or without immediate precautionary expulsion from the school until the Board meets. The Headmaster may decide to expel a pupil immediately in exceptional circumstances.


The Board is convened by the School Supervisor and comprises the school supervisors or boarding supervisor of the pupil concerned, the head teacher and the parents.

It is intended to resolve a situation of a pupil’s chronic lack of discipline or failure to study, by setting compulsory progress targets which, if not met, will result in a serious sanction, or compromise the pupil continuing their studies at the school.


Convened and chaired by the Headmaster, the Disciplinary Board comprises the school supervisor, the head teacher, a representative from the parents/pupils association (APEL) and, where necessary, the boarding supervisor. The pupil and their legal representatives are also summoned. The Headmaster may also decide to invite other members of the educational community (OGEC representative or teacher) and/or other pupils.

After consulting with each member of the Board for their opinion, the Headmaster shall decide what sanction to impose, which may result in permanent expulsion from the school with or without deferment. This decision is not subject to appeal and shall apply immediately.

The parents are informed of the decision in writing by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt.

If a deferment is granted, the sanction is imposed but not carried out. Any repeat offence will cancel the deferment and the sanction shall consequently be applied instantly subject to the sole decision of the Headmaster.

These rules shall apply to all pupils enrolled at Sainte Croix de Neiges from the start of the 2017 school year.