Sainte Croix des Neiges pupils can select options devoted entirely to the mountain environment.

Freestyling at Sainte Croix des Neiges


Unique in France, this sports group is approved by the Académie de Grenoble.

We have now gained sufficient experience to design a programme that meets the expectations of our young participants, offering a challenging sports programme in an ideal and safe setting.

The group’s characteristics determine the individual and group goals. In addition to our sporting successes (3/6, back, cork and others, Lincoln…in powder and in the park) we are developing an approach to learning whereby pupils are both the protagonist and manager of their projects.

This year the focus is on image processing and communications dossiers, opening up the group to the real world of work (sponsors kit and editing competitions).

The main aim is the personal development of the pupils: autonomy, sense of responsibility, sporting and creative spirit, knowledge of the safety rules and our mountain environment, are all excellent challenges that help them mature.

Freestyle Session
Freestyle 2014

Organisation of the group

1st term: Two half-days per week of sports preparation and training (September/December).

2nd term: Two half-days per week, classes with ski-freestyle trainers (from December until the resorts close).

3rd term : a number of one-off events; since focus is on end-of-year exams.

Collège : Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon.

Lycée : Wednesday and Thursday afternoon.

The freestyle group is supervised by professionals in their particular disciplines (State-registered): skiing, trampoline backcountry.

The Physical Education teacher is responsible for coordinating with the school. He may make changes depending on the pupils’ results and behaviour

The monitors drive the pupils to the various sites depending on the conditions.
They are with them on-site to ensure the group is properly managed.
The school nurse also works closely with the freestyle team.

Lastly, pupils are constantly reminded of the safety instructions and they are very committed to complying with them.

Freestyle 2013-2014

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